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At 5 Plus Partners, we recognize the unique obstacles and barriers that individuals encounter while striving to achieve personal and career goals, all while maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life. Initially focusing on the local community of Cocoa, Florida, our organization aims to empower and uplift the following target audiences:


1. Entrepreneurs

2. Youth

3. Veterans

4. Unhoused and/or Unemployed Individuals

5. Elderly Citizens


To fulfill our mission, we collaborate with various businesses and organizations, forming partnerships that allow us to offer a comprehensive range of services and support, including:


  1. Start-up and small business support services tailored specifically for minority-owned businesses.

  2. Pre-employment courses, mentorships, work-study programs, and internships for youth, designed to provide valuable experiences and college credits. Additionally, we offer assistance with resume writing and the development of professional LinkedIn profiles.

  3. Aid with day-to-day responsibilities for those in need, such as errands, home maintenance chores, and transportation.

  4. Dedicated efforts to assist elderly individuals, veterans, and unhoused individuals in finding and accessing essential free resources.

  5. Referral services and support to help individuals gain access to physical and mental health resources.


To ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of our programs, we rely on the generous contributions of sponsors and donors like yourself. There are several ways you can support our cause:


  • Tax-deductible donations: We gratefully accept financial contributions, and our website provides multiple platforms for secure and convenient online donations. In-person payments are also accepted.

  • Collaborations: We actively seek partnerships and collaborations with organizations that share similar missions, amplifying our impact and extending our reach.

  • Events: We organize various events throughout the year to raise awareness and funds. We are particularly excited about our upcoming Casino Night and would greatly appreciate your presence and support. Please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know how you can contribute to this exceptional event.

your gracious guardians! (4).png

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